Created in 2016 FinTech Poland is an independent and not-profit think tank specializing in digital finance.

    Our mission

    is to accelerate development of the digital finance sector and create financial centre of new generation in Poland.

    We provide a forum for dialog for market participants, regulators and decision makers to build a favorable regulatory environment for the digital finance sector.

    We research and analyze new developments in the digital economy, Internet space and financial sector.

    We build a vibrant fintech ecosystem open for all stakeholders, from startups and global financial institutions to investors, professional services firms and public institutions.

    We actively promote the digital finance sector in Poland and Polish fintechs abroad in order to strengthen the importance of Poland as a financial center.

    What we do


    We provide networking opportunities, helping connect market participants with industry leaders and stakeholders to share knowledge and experiences.


    We publish reports and analysis of market trends and new developments which could bring opportunities and risks for market players and the whole ecosystem.


    Our experts provide analysis of current and proposed policies that may impact the digital finance sector and interests of our members and partners.


    We engage with key policy actors, including regulators and supervisors, to create a platform for dialogue with market participants in order to improve the conditions for fintech to grow.


    We help build programs that accelerate the development of new digital financial solutions and facilitate technology testing.


    We organize cutting-edge training, seminars and workshops on a wide range of topics related to digital finance. We educate customers, market participants, regulators and the whole ecosystem.


    We promote Polish digital finance abroad and by acting as a single point of contact, we encourage foreign players to invest, operate and grow in Poland.

    Services & solutions

    We provide professional advice and support based on our legal, economic, technical and communication knowledge.


    Our approach applies a unique combination of market and regulatory experience to solve legal and business challenges. Our strengths lie in the relationships we have built and the insights we have developed by working with industry and regulators on new policy and business initiatives.


    We help to identify ways for greater regulatory certainty and solve regulatory problems. We also help foreign companies that want to expand their presence in Poland and EU in understanding the local legal framework, setting priorities and formulating a practical strategy.


    We help shape the vision of the product in a realistic context of regulatory possibilities.


    We support development of regulatory and virtual sandboxes, and we can help you to implement yours. Whether you're a bank, fintech, bigtech or technology provider we can assist you do it better.


    We help design and implement communication strategy of regarding your innovation or acceleration programme.


    President of the FinTech Poland. Previously he was vicepresident of Cashless Poland Foundation, director of the Payment Systems, Electronic Banking and Security Unity at the Polish Bank Association, Board Member of the European Payments Council, member of the Payment Systems Committee of the European Banking Federation, member of Payment System Market Expert Group at the European Commission and independent member of supervisory boards of leading payment institutions in Poland (First Data Polska SA, PayU SA). He was a co-director of Founder Institute in Warsaw and co-founder of, He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw and the Leadership Academy of Poland. Paweł is also an assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and head of Financial `Regulation and Technology Center. He graduated from the Leadership Academy for Poland.

    Vice-president of the FinTech Poland Foundation. Formerly Advisor to the Management Board of the Polish Bank Association. For many years, he has participated as an expert in legislative work on the most important regulations concerning the banking sector and the payment services market. He was also a coordinator of the activities of the Banking Law Council at the Polish Bank Association. An expert in the field of banking law, payment services and systems, electronic banking, electronic identification, and trust services, outsourcing, cybersecurity, and new technologies. A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. He obtained a Diploma in the Introduction to English Law and the Law of the European Union from the University of Cambridge.

    Zuzanna specializes in financial sector regulations. She has experience in the field of anti-money laundering and terrorist financing (AML IV), payment services (PSD II), and financial instruments (MIFID II) regulations. Prior to joining the FinTech Poland Foundation, Zuzanna worked in an insurance company, in an office serving investment fund companies and in an office where she dealt with broadly understood financial law. Currently, she cooperates with the Fintech Poland Foundation (legal services for entities from the FinTech sector) and the Fundacja Polska Bezgotówkowa. Co-author of publications and articles, including “GDPR and Banking Law”, “Counteracting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing”, “Practical Guide Data Protection Guide to the GDPR and the Act and checklist of compliance with the AML Act, MIFID II Directive, MIFIR Regulation.” A graduate of law at the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw.