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Updated 10/29/2017


State Resolution Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis

Goal– Help states take a bold stance regarding the harmful effects of pornography and the need for change by passing this formal resolution that announces pornography’s harmful effects on individuals and society, and announcing the need for education, research, prevention, and policy change.

The following states have formally declared pornography a ‘public health crisis’:

ArkansasHouse Resolution 2017 Passed

KansasHouse Resolution 2017 Passed

LouisianaHouse Resolution 2017 Passed

South DakotaSenate Concurring Resolution 2017 Passed

TennesseeSenate Joint Resolution 2017 Passed

UtahSenate Concurring Resolution 2016 Passed

State Law Protecting from Harmful Exposure to Pornography in Public Schools and Libraries

Goal- To help states adopt laws regarding public schools and library mandated policy and filtering that is set to block pornography and material harmful to minors.

The following states have adopted such adequate state laws effecting public schools or libraries or both.

Arizonapublic schools & libraries

Arkansaspublic schools only

Coloradopublic schools, libraries mandate, & library grants

Georgiapublic schools & libraries

Idahopublic schools & libraries

Kentuckypublic schools only

Kansaspublic schools & libraries

Minnesotalibraries only

Missouripublic schools & libraries

Pennsylvania public schools & libraries

Rhode Islandpublic schools only

South Dakota– public schools & libraries 22-24-55-55, -57, -58, -59

Tennesseepublic schools only

Utah– public/charter schools and libraries 9-7-215, 53A-3-422, 53A-1-706, 53A-1a-511

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