Team and Allies

Red: States that have passed resolution

Orange: States led by Ricky Darr for 2018 resolution

Yellow: States led by Uriah Stark for 2018 resolution

Sky Blue: States led by Tiffany Leeper for 2018 resolution

Green: States led by Reese Crane for 2018 resolution


Team & Allies



State Liaison: Terry Fuson ,, 615-707-0721,

Friend of Ricky Darr. Lives 2 hours from the capital. Willing to help.


Trailor Lovvorn,, 205-266-8192,

Directs and operates ministries in Alabama that focus on help and recovery from pornography addiction. Willing to help with initiatives.





Rep. Karilyn Brown,

Strong Ally. Karilyn is a State Representative who sponsored the resolution in Arkansas that declared pornography a public health crisis that passed in 2017.







Co-Founder, Executive and Strategic Director: Tiffany Leeper,

Tiffany is the President of Girls Against Pornography and Human Trafficking, and Co-founder of National Decency Coalition. She currently lives in Florida and leads, directs, and operates many of our Coalition’s initiatives.


Biz Gainey,

Strong Ally. Biz is a pastor and leads Men Against Pornography. Willing to help in various ways.



State Director: Lisa Shanklin,

Lisa is our team member that helps in with Georgia affairs and states surrounding.


Cole Muzzio,, 866-655-4545

President of Family Policy Alliance of Georgia. He has been very open and helpful with our initiatives. A very good ally.









Kent Ostrander, 859-255-5400,

Kent is the Executive Director of the Family Foundation in Kentucky, a division of the Family Policy Alliance. He is in tune and a believer of our initiatives.










Uriah Stark- He has been serving our Coalition and vision since early 2017.



Bev Ehlen- State Director for CWA. A close ally in the fight. Very supportive and helpful.




 New Hampshire

 New Jersey


Dan Klienman- Director and Founder of He is a close ally to the Coalition and very helpful.

 New Mexic0

 New York

 North Carolina

  North Dakota






Reece Crane- He has been a member since early 2017.

 Rhode Island

 South Carolina

 South Dakota




Cheryl Preston- Professor at BYU- Taught Cyber law and drafted legislative initiatives to block pornography. Very passionate and helpful.





 West Virginia