About Us

Prayer, personal relationships, and hard work are the foundation principles of our organization. We are a new organization but with years of individual experience. Most of our leadership came together on the issue of pornography in today’s culture, and it’s easy accessibility to children. In collaborating plans and strategy, we started National Decency Coalition. Goals:

  • Fight and succeed on issues that protect and create a decent society for generations to come.
  • Encourage and assist policy makers and government authorities to enforce current obscenity laws, create new obscenity laws that reflect declining trends, and take real action toward the ‘health crisis’ of pornography.


General Information:

PO box 2132

Mt. Juliet, TN 37121



Tiffany Leeper
Co-Founder, Executive and Strategic Director

Ricky Darr
Co-Founder, Policy Director

Joan Thomas
Senior Advisor

Eddie Capparucci
Clinical Expert/Contributor

Lisa Shanklin
Southeast Regional Liaison

Reese Crane
Northeast Regional Liaison

Uriah Stark
Mid-West Liaison

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